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2020 Culver City Film Festival

Opening Night 2020 Panel


Brian Wold 


Blair Hickey 

Secrets of the Casting Process

• The realities of how casting directors receive and review submissions (and why some stand out more than others).
• How to avoid the most common mistakes actors (and sometimes agents) make when submitting.
• Strategies to create and maintain strong working relationships with the casting community.
• Why "booking the room" is often more important than booking the job.
• The latest developments regarding virtual auditions and online casting.



Blair Hickey & Brian Wold: Co-Founders, CastingAbout

Blair has been a working actor for almost 30 years. He graduated from Brown with a degree in Theatre Arts, then started his career in NY with stage and daytime TV work. Since moving to Los Angeles, he’s worked primarily in television, including The Big Bang Theory, NCIS:LA, Heroes, Medium, How I Met Your Mother, Ghost Whisperer, Ally McBeal, The Practice and Chicago Hope. Brian has over three decades of experience in public relations, marketing and business communications, specializing in website design and management. Combining their skills and expertise, Blair and Brian created CastingAbout, the online casting and production guide for professional actors. In 2009, CastingAbout was acquired by Breakdown Services, where both continue to work as managers and consultants.

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